• What is All in One?
  • What makes All In One Unique?
  • Is All In One right for me?
What is All in One?

All in One is THE Natural Statin-Alternative. It provides a real and effective way to lower cholesterol levels naturally, with no side effects.

Used and endorsed by leading US heart specialists, All In One is a unique, patented combination of 3 all-natural products, Red Yeast Rice, plant sterols and Co Q10.

All In One is a dietary supplement that is available without a prescription and can be purchased by clicking here.

What makes All In One Unique?

It is the unique, patented combination of three natural ingredients – CoQ10 + red yeast rice +  plant sterols – that sets All In One apart from other natural heart health products.

Each of these ingredients have been clinically tested in trials:

Red yeast rice and plant sterols have each shown in multiple independent controlled clinical trials to reduce total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), increase HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce triglycerides.

Co Q10 has been shown in a trial across 420 patients to aid heart health. It is also used and acknowledged globally to help reduce side effects in statin users.

Is All In One right for me?

All In One may be right for you if you have any of the following concerns. Prior to taking any supplement or discontinuing any medications, you should consult with your healthcare professional.

Until now, statins have been the medical answer to reducing LDL cholesterol. In fact, they remain one of the most prescribed medications in the world. However, statistics show that up to 20% of people taking statins will experience side effects, most commonly aching muscles, dizziness and fatigue.

With current guidelines in the US recommending statins to half the population over age 50, there is a growing number of people who, due to intolerance or reticence to statins, do not reach goal or remain untreated. And this poses a serious risk to their health, leaving them with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease which can result in heart attack or stroke.

All In One Cholesterol Control

“I have approximately 2,000 patients currently on All in One for control of their cholesterol and I have seen on average LDL reductions of 25-40%.”

Dr. Scott Eisenberg - Cardiologist & Lipidologist

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“Unable to tolerate standard statin therapy due to myalgia [muscle pain] and hepatic [liver] dysfunction, I tried All In One and lowered my total cholesterol 20% without the side effects.”

Dr. Gilbert Mettler - New Hampshire

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“I am pleased with the quality of the product, the results and no side effects from this all-natural approach to lowering cholesterol levels naturally.”

Desiree Land – New Jersey

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All In One Cholesterol Control

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